The world still can't fathom the fact that Diego Maradona is no longer around us. The mythical number 10 became a soccer legend ever since he left Boca Juniors to dominate Europe, and his magic transcended every single border.

That's why even the British - his lifelong rivals - and some of it's biggest representatives couldn't help to tip their hat off to the late Argentine star, who suddenly passed away at 60 years old on Wednesday afternoon.

Gary Lineker was one of the first to pay his respects to the Napoli legend. Then, it didn't take long before former Manchester United and Real Madrid star David Beckham also shared his thoughts on social media.

David Beckham Shares Touching Message To Late Diego Maradona

The midfielder shared a picture with Maradona on his Instagram account followed by a heartfelt message expressing how much it meant for him to have shared some moments with the Argentine:

"A sad day for Argentina and a sad day for football as we celebrate the greatness of what this man gave us... Someone that played with passion , spirit and was nothing less than a pure genius .. I was so excited to meet Diego and we will all miss him. Rest In Peace," Beckham wrote.

Maradona's legacy and impact were felt all over the world. He's still considered by some as the greatest player to ever do it, even ahead of other standouts like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, or even Pelé.

His life off sports always made the headlines and not for the best reasons, but there's no denying that few people could do what Maradona did once he took the pitch. Love him or hate him, you just can't disrespect him. For better or worse, there will never be another like him, that's for sure.