EA Sports FC continues to be one of the most popular soccer games globally. The company has now unveiled a new promotion featuring incredible cards, with Erling Haaland and Zinedine Zidane as the biggest stars.

Earlier this year, the video game FIFA underwent a huge transformation. EA Sports terminated its association with soccer’s largest governing body, opting to carry on with this successful product under a new name.

Despite losing the name, the essence of the video game remains unchanged. Each week, the company unveils a new promotion featuring modified card stats, and this week, Erling Haaland emerges as the most coveted item.

Haaland and Zidane, the new stars of the Ultimate Dynasties promo in EA FC 24

One of EA Sports’ primary priorities has been to stay updated and maintain freshness in their games. With EA Sports FC, formerly known as FIFA, they achieve this by regularly creating new cards for fans. These cards feature increased stats, enhancing the players’ performance during games.

Despite FIFA no longer existing, EA Sports FC continued with gameplay that remains largely unchanged. The Ultimate Team mode stands as the game’s most successful feature, and it’s the company’s approach to keeping it constantly updated that truly captivates gamers.

A new promotion has just landed in the Ultimate Team stores, and it’s quite intriguing. ‘Ultimate Dynasties’ showcases related players within soccer, like Lauren and Reese James or Juliane Wirtz and her brother Florian.

However, this promo doesn’t solely feature brothers. Erling Haaland makes an appearance alongside his cousin Jonatan Braut-Brunes, also a striker at OH Leuven.

Despite his impressive 94 overall rating, Haaland isn’t the highest-rated player in this promo. EA Sports has introduced new cards for icons, placing Zinedine Zidane at the top of the list with a stunning 95 overall rating.

Regarding the icons, seven players have been featured in this promo: Zidane, Paolo Maldini, Rivaldo, Gheorghe Hagi, Patrick Kluivert, Juan Sebastian Veron, and Henrik Larsson. The latter five mentioned have two cards, one with a lower rating.

Which is the highest-rated player in EA Sports FC 24?

At present, two cards boast a 95 overall rating: Pele and Zinedine Zidane (Dynasty Icon). Surprisingly, the French legend’s item is currently more expensive, valued at 5.2 million coins.

As for non-icon players, Haaland currently holds two cards rated at 94 overall, putting him on par with Robert Lewandowski’s Champions League card. The Dynasty card featuring the Manchester City striker is presently valued at 3.3 million coins.

SURVEY Has EA Sports FC 24 met your expectations so far?

Has EA Sports FC 24 met your expectations so far?