Shakira has been able to express her pain and anger of Gerard Piqué cheating on her through her music and some indirect messages in interviews and on television. Gerard Piqué has stayed largely silent on the issue, with only a handful of non-official statements.

It has been nearly two years since the entertainment and soccer world were shocked with the news that the former Barcelona defender had cheated on his superstar girlfriend and mother of two children with an employee of his media company Clara Chía.

“BZRP Music Sessions #53 ” and “TQG ” with Karol G may have been the Colombian singer’s outlet but Piqué has officially spoken to Spanish radio El Mon (RAC1) and discussed how he was seen as the villain and that the general public has little knowledge of all the details.

Gerard Piqué breaks silence about Shakira

“If I had given importance to what they say about me now, I would be locked up in an apartment or I would have jumped out of the sixth floor. The only way to get out of all this alive is to not give it importance,” Piqué stated regarding all the media pressure and feeling while his name was thrown into the mud according to the Spain World Cup winner.

“People don’t know what I am like. It is part of the circus,” he analyzed. “I can’t go out every day to deny things that are not real. I don’t want to talk about it, nor will I talk about it, but of everything we experienced, people don’t know even 10% of what happened. I don’t want to either because it’s private!” Piqué stated about everything that has been said about his breakup from Shakira.

Shakira currently under investigation

Shakira arrived in Sevilla, Spain to attend the Latin Grammys, but she must also answer for a financial fraud case in Barcelona that is set to begin on November 20th.

It is reported that Shakira defrauded the Spanish government of $14 million euros in taxes between 2010 and 2014, and that case will now go to trial.