Gibraltar will face Georgia today at the Victoria Stadium for the Matchday 6 game of the 2022/2023 UEFA Nations League group C4. The visitors will try to extend their unbeaten run. Here you will find all the information you need to know about this game, including how to watch it on TV or live stream in your country. In the United States, you can enjoy this game on FuboTV (free trial).

The two wingers from Group 4 in League C face each other in Matchday. On the one hand, there will be the locals, who have had good experience facing stronger teams, but who are not world powers. They have 1 point, 5 less than Bulgaria who are in third place and their relegation is already a fact. However, the experience will help them to continue growing and without a doubt they will be candidates for promotion next season.

On the other hand, Georgia is assured of first place no matter what their result is in this game, nor in the other one between North Macedonia and Bulgaria. The Georgians will now have a great opportunity to face stronger teams in League B, something they really deserve as their team has improved a lot.

Gibraltar vs Georgia: Kick-Off Time 

Gibraltar will play against Georgia for the Matchday 6 of the 2022/2023 UEFA Nations League group C4 this Monday, September 26 at the Victoria Stadium, Gibraltar.

Australia: 3:45 AM (September 27)
Barbados: 2:45 PM
Belize: 12:45 PM
Botswana: 8:45 PM
Brazil: 3:45 PM
Burundi: 8:45 PM
Cameroon: 9:45 PM
Canada: 2:45 PM
Eswatini: 8:45 PM
Ethiopia: 9:45 PM
France: 8:45 PM
Gambia: 6:45 PM
Germany: 8:45 PM
Ghana: 6:45 PM
Guyana: 2:45 PM
India: 12:15 AM (September 27)
Ireland: 7:45 PM
Italy: 8:45 PM
Jamaica: 1:45 PM
Kenya: 9:45 PM
Lesotho: 8:45 PM
Liberia: 6:45 PM
Malawi: 8:45 PM
Malta: 8:45 PM
Mauritius: 8:45 PM
Mexico: 1:45 PM
Namibia: 8:45 PM
Netherlands: 8:45 PM
Nigeria: 7:45 PM
Pakistan: 11:45 PM
Philippines: 2:45 AM (September 27)
Portugal: 7:45 PM
Rwanda: 8:45 PM
Sierra Leone: 6:45 PM
Singapore: 2:45 AM (September 27)
Solomon Islands: 5:45 AM (September 27)
South Africa: 8:45 PM
South Sudan: 8:45 PM
Spain: 8:45 PM
Sri Lanka: 12:15 AM (September 27)
Sudan: 8:45 PM
Tanzania: 9:45 PM
Trinidad and Tobago: 2:45 PM
Uganda: 9:45 PM
UK: 7:45 PM
United States: 2:45 PM (ET)
Zambia: 7:45 PM
Zimbabwe: 7:45 PM

Gibraltar vs Georgia: TV Channel and Live Streaming

Australia: OptusSport
Botswana: Super Sport OTT 7
Brazil: Star+
Brunei: astro-go
Burundi: Super Sport OTT 7
Cameroon: Super Sport OTT 7
Canada: DAZN, Fubo Sports Network
Ethiopia: Super Sport OTT 7
Gambia: Super Sport OTT 7
Georgia: 1TV
Germany: DAZN
Ghana: Super Sport OTT 7
Gibraltar: GBC
Kenya: Super Sport OTT 7
Lesotho: Super Sport OTT 7
Liberia: Super Sport OTT 7
Malawi: Super Sport OTT 7
Malaysia: Astro Supersport 5, Astro Go
Mauritius: Super Sport OTT 7
Mexico: Sky HD, Blue to Go Video Everywhere
Namibia: Super Sport OTT 7
Nigeria: Super Sport OTT 7
Portugal: Match Player
Rwanda: Super Sport OTT 7
Sierra Leone: Super Sport OTT 7
South Africa: Super Sport OTT 7
Sudan: Super Sport OTT 7
Eswatini: Super Sport OTT 7
Tanzania: Super Sport OTT 7
Trinidad and Tobago:
Uganda: Super Sport OTT 7
USA: FuboTV (free trial), ViX
Zambia: Super Sport OTT 7
Zimbabwe: Super Sport OTT 7