After warning for a long time (since 2014) on June 2021, FIFA decided to act: Mexican Soccer Federation received a fine due to the homophobic scream its fans direct to the opponents' goalkeeper every time there is a goal kick. The lesson was supposed to be learned but the reality is different.

The polemic behavior of El Tri supporters continued in spite of a huge marketing campaign launched by Femexfut asking to stop. On the matches of the Concacaf 2022 World Cup Qualifiers, held in the Azteca Stadium in October against Canadá and Honduras, the scream appeared again. 

Now the consequences are here. Mexican Soccer Federation will have to pay again for a fine bigger than the previous one, both on economic and sports issues. This happens at the same time Mexico is having its worst results and shape in Tata Martino's era.

How expensive is FIFA's fine to Mexican Soccer Federation?

The Femexfut paid 65,000 dollars and a one-match fan ban for the first penalty fee FIFA imposed due to racist behavior in June. Originally, the verdict included two home games without crowd for Mexico's National Team, but after negotiations, it was reduced. 

The new fine to be paid by Mexican Soccer Federation is higher: two local closed-doors games, vs Costa Rica and Panamá in January and February, and 108,000 dollars. Obviously, this will touch the economic health of Femexfut, but also its sports wellness.

Mexico occupies the third position of the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers, with an elevated risk of falling into the fourth spot, the one forces to face a Playoff against an Oceanic national team in order to assist to FIFA's main tournament. More than never, El Tri needs its fans. 

But there is more. If the homophobic screams of the Mexican crowd continue, the next penalty fees will be even harder: points loss in the Qualifiers standings and, if the prohibited action goes on, a provisional ban for Mexico in FIFA's official tournaments. This could mean no Qatar 2022 for Chucky Lozano, Raul Jimenez, Memo Ochoa and company.