Luis Suarez has made a strong case to be considered one of the greatest strikers of all time. The Uruguayan superstar has constantly found ways to find the net, regardless of the team or situation. But there’s one thing that persisted for years, which is his goal celebration.

If you’ve ever seen Lucho score a goal, chances are you’ve noticed he always celebrates them by kissing his wrist and three fingers. The reason is simple, it’s a tribute to his family. With that celebration, Suarez honors his wife Sofia Balbi and their three kids, Delfina, Benjamin and Lautaro.

Suarez first kisses his ring finger, where his wife’s initials are printed. Then he kisses his wrist, where he has a tattoo that reads the name of his eldest daughter. The striker then completes the celebration by kissing three fingers to remember the entire family.

The celebration helps Suarez express with a simple gesture how important his loved ones are in his life. So much that Lucho even got a tattoo of his signature three-finger celebration on his neck.

Luis Suarez’s track of scoring success

Before he took his talents to Inter Miami to spend his sunset years next to Lionel Messi, Jordi Alba, and Sergio Busquets in South Beach, Suarez made a name for himself by scoring goals practically anywhere he played.

The Salto-born superstar came through the ranks of Nacional in Uruguay, where he made such an impression as a youngster that Dutch side Groningen decided to try their luck with him. Just a few months later, he caught Ajax‘s eye, and made sure to prove them right.

Suarez took an even bigger step by signing for Liverpool in 2011, and only three years later, he joined Barcelona in a blockbuster move. He packed his bags to play for Atletico Madrid in 2020, until he returned to Nacional for a brief stint before the 2022 World Cup. Lucho’s following tenure at Gremio went perfect, and it let him go to Miami knowing he still has enough left in the tank.

Suarez’s goals by team

  • Uruguay: 68 goals in 138 games
  • Barcelona: 195 in 283 games
  • Ajax: 111 goals in 159 games
  • Liverpool: 82 goals in 133 games
  • Atletico Madrid: 34 goals in 83 games
  • Gremio: 26 goals in 53 games
  • FC Groningen: 15 goals in 37 games
  • Nacional: 8 goals in 20 games