In a Champions League match in 2020 between Juventus and FC Porto, Cristiano Ronaldo was leading Juventus in a round of 16 clash, but it would not have a happy ending. FC Porto would defeat Juventus in the series and would mark another disappointing chapter in Cristiano Ronaldo’s time at Juventus.

Recently a video has surfaced of a half-time argument spat between Ronaldo and his teammates where only Colombian Juan Guillermo Cuadrado stood up to Ronaldo amid the tension in the dressing room.

During his three years at Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo never got further than the quarterfinals with the Italian Old Lady. Ronaldo only won local championships in Italy (Serie A, Italian Super Cup, and Coppa Italia).

Cristiano Ronaldo and Juan Guillermo Cuadrado locker room argument 

Cristiano Ronaldo and Juan Guillermo Cuadrado argue when Ronaldo calls out his teammates stating, "You have to try more. What the ****! What the ****! We don't play anything! We always play like $***!" 

Cuadrado approaches Ronaldo and defends his teammates by answering back, "Easy! You have to be an example for everyone! We have to have peace of mind". Despite that half-time “chat” it did not work as FC Porto advanced, and Juventus was eliminated.