The objective of the teams in Ligue 1 is to win the tournament, not only for the title, but also for the big money prize that awaits them at the end. But the winners are not the only team that gets a prize for the league title, seven other teams also get a big check.

Currently the Ligue 1 money prize is estimated to be slightly lower than previous years due to the coronavirus. The teams suffered losses during the first months of the pandemic and the local league also saw a drop in income.

The champions of the 2020-21 season, Lille OSC, were lucky last season when they received a large amount of money for winning the title. But even though their prize money was cut, they used that money to sign new players.

How much do the Ligue 1 champions get?

The €500+ million is expected to be split in parts, although that money prize is estimated to be lower due to revenue cuts during the first two years of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Ligue 1 champions get an approximate €50-60 million, while the rest of the money bag is distributed from the second spot of the standings to the seventh. The Ligue 1 runner-up usually gets €10 million less than the French league winner.

Other Ligue 1 teams get smaller payments from TV rights earnings and other direct payments from the soccer federation to help smaller teams stay in the French league and avoid financial losses.