Shockingly, Lionel Messi didn't re-sign with Barcelona and has left the club he joined as a 13-year-old kid to sign for PSG. While the soccer world still tries to process this news, many people blame Barca for letting the Argentina star go. Diego Maradona, who passed away on November 25, 2020, has mentioned many years ago that Barcelona weren't a club that took care of their idols.

Even though Messi's departure took many people by surprise, the truth is that last summer he had already wanted to leave amid a bad atmosphere in the club with Josep María Bartomeu's board. Besides, it is not the first time a Barca legend leaves the club like this.

The Blaugrana have seen several renowned players wearing their colors, but not always they bid them farewell in the way they deserved. Diego has warned that many years ago, and now it happened with Messi too.

Diego Maradona has warned that Leo Messi could leave Barcelona like this

"That's the problem with Barcelona, they forget their idols too quickly," Diego Maradona said in 2018 when he was Dorados de Sinaloa head coach in the Mexican second-tier. The former Barcelona player felt how the club didn't protect its legendary players and has warned that Messi could suffer from it as well.

Maradona, however, had previously mentioned this problem in 2008, when Ronaldinho was being criticized at the end of his stint in Barcelona. "Don't do the same they did with me, with Ronaldo, with Rivaldo, with Figo, and I can name you a lot of players who were fired because of jealousy in Barcelona. The only one who loses is always the people."

One of the greatest players of all time, Diego Armando Maradona spent two seasons in Barcelona (1982/83 and 1983/84) before being transferred to Napoli. His tenure at Barca was hit by injuries, and even though he managed to deliver goals and breathtaking performances, he couldn't leave the club on good terms. Unfortunately, many more high-profile players couldn't leave Barca in a good way either. Even Lionel Messi, who is already a Paris Saint-Germain player.