In a scary scene that is slowly becoming custom for high earning soccer players in England, Manchester City’s Joao Cancelo shared a story on Instagram showcasing the aftereffects of a robbery in his home. Cancelo told police he was forced to fight back against four robbers in order to protect wife Daniela Machado and daughter Alicia, 2, after one of the robbers’ made threats towards the two.

The robbers made off with jewelry and club Manchester City issued the following statement, "We are shocked and appalled that Joao Cancelo and his family were subjected to a burglary at their home this evening during which Joao was also assaulted. Joao and his family are being supported by the club and he is helping the police with their enquiries as they investigate this very serious matter."

Cancelo joined Manchester City in 2019 and has played in 63 games scoring 3 goals during his time at the club. This is the fifth incident this season where robbers targeted players or coaches in the Premier League.

Joao Cancelo shares images of attack on Instagram

Joao Cancelo shared the images on Instagram and stated, "Unfortunately today I was assaulted by four cowards who hurt me and tried to hurt my family. When you show resistance, this is what happens. They managed to take all my jewelry and leave me with my face in this state. I don't know how there are people with such meanness. The most important thing for me is my family and luckily, they are all OK. And I after so many obstacles in my life, this is just one more that I will overcome. Firm and strong, like always."

The police continue to investigate the incident and at the moment no further details have been revealed. Manchester City and Cancelo return to action Saturday against Arsenal.