Manchester United just can’t seem to find peace, after a coaching change, accusations over the players commitment to new manager Ralf Rangnick, and now Mason Greenwood’s arrest for assault and rape things could not be more hectic. The club is trying to reboot so to speak after the last six months and despite all the bad press are still fourth in the Premier League.

In the case of Jesse Lingard, the midfielder’s future seemed to be away from Old Trafford, but things have changed according to The Sun.  Lingard, who was denied a deadline move to West Ham United and Newcastle United, hit back on Twitter over requesting a few days off to manager Ralf Rangnick.

Lingard tweeted, “The club advised me to have time off due to personal reasons! But my headspace is clear and I’ll always be professional when called upon and give 100 percent.” The response comes after Rangnick stated in a press conference, “Jesse asked if we could give him a couple of days off to clear his mind. He will be back in training on Monday and part of the whole squad.”

Why is Jesse Lingard staying at Manchester United?

Despite the rift between player and manager it would seem that Jesse Lingard is not going anywhere at least until after June when his contract ends. Lingard had his deadline moves all rejected once Mason Greenwood was arrested, "We had a problem with Mason Greenwood and being without a player for the time being who has played in recent weeks and, together with the club not finding an agreement with another club, this is why [Lingard] stayed," Rangnick said.

How things will work out between Lingard and Rangnick now after the player hit back on Twitter remains to be seen, what is known is that the midfielder is not going anywhere at the moment. Lingard has played only 273 minutes since returning to Manchester United.