Inter Miami wants to become the IT team of Major League Soccer, in their first two seasons in MLS the Miami side has been rather disappointing. From a weak first two campaigns to their cheating scandal where they fudged numbers to be under the salary cap, Inter Miami has become rather infamous than famous.

Nonetheless the team owned by David Beckham are going to make it work, or die trying. In this case The Herons are looking to one man to change the whole landscape of sports in the United States… Lionel Messi. Messi who is having a rather disappointing first season at PSG has showed his magic in the Champions League and has improved in the last few weeks for the French side but at times has been a fish out of water. At the international level, Messi has been nothing short of sensational for Argentina.

At 34-years-old Lionel Messi is still a big commodity in the world of Soccer and is the best player of his generation and of all-time. So how true are the rumors of Messi’s move to Miami? Inter Miami co-owner Jorge Mas issued some insight to what would be the biggest move in MLS history if it were to happen.

Lionel Messi’s chances of playing in MLS and Inter Miami

"I think, and David has a relationship with(Messi), if he does leave PSG, at the time he leaves it, we’d love to see Lionel Messi be a player at Inter Miami and be part of our community. Can it happen? Look, we’ll push. I’m an optimist at heart. Could I see that happening? It’s a possibility”, Mas stated.

Messi has two years left on his current PSG deal, it would take a huge drop in form for Messi to leave PSG, even at his weakest season in a decade Messi is a marketing value no club can just move from. Even at 34 if Inter Miami wanted to buy out Messi’s PSG contract it would command a huge transfer.

Beckham himself has been leveling expectations for a mega signing, “I’ve always said I want the best players in our club and playing in our shirt because there’s a certain expectation. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be a bad thing. But most of the time it’s a good thing.” Inter Miami began their third MLS season with a draw 0-0 against the Chicago Fire in front of 15,973 fans.