Neymar knows a thing or two about getting kicked. Many may remember the brutal back injury suffered during the 2014 World Cup, which took him out of the tournament. According to the report, Neymar has been fouled 1,040 times since 2016.

When the report was released, Neymar's public relations took the news with humor. On Neymar's official site it stated: "It's not just guesswork... Neymar Jr. is, actually, the player who most suffers fouls in the main European leagues, according to a survey from the statistics company BeSoccer Pro. The ace suffered 1040 fouls since 2016... It's a lot, right?"

While Neymar has a history of being a diver, the Brazilian has been the victim of some brutal fouls in his career, when playing for Santos in the Copa Libertadores final against Peñarol he was subject to brutal fouls during the 2-leg series. 

Neymar most fouled player in Europe

Neymar’s father and agent has demanded over the years that referees look after his son, in the hopes of the Brazilian avoiding injuries which he has been prone to. Neymar has had minor injuries during his stint at PSG.

Lionel Messi came in second in the report with 839 fouls, followed by Torino's Andrea Belotti and Manchester City's Jack Grealish, who are both at 747 each.