LAFC want to do smart business, they have high ambitions in winning the MLS Cup this season with the signings of Gareth Bale and Giorgio Chiellini both of which will not count as DPs this season, while re-signing Carlos Vela. That being said Co-president and general manager John Thorrington also wants LAFC to play the market and is reported to be looking to sell up to six players in the summer transfer window.

Thorrington has always stated that there will always be addition by subtraction as the club has sold Diego Rossi and Eduard Atuesta in the last year, while looking to continue to bring in talented young players to sell later on.

Now Univision reporter Michele Giannone suggests the club is in active pursuit of a third DP striker but to do so they are willing to sell current goal scoring machine Cristian Arango.

Who is the third DP LAFC is looking for?

As Michele Giannone reported the third DP striker would need to have the following characteristics: International, Under 30, and Mobile. Knowing that the DP would command a high value the club is willing to part with one of their assets, Cristian Arango.

Cristian Arango has hit the ground running in MLS with 20 goals in 34 games for the club all while not even taking up a DP spot. Arango could command a good transfer fee and it is not farfetched to believe that the player could be sold in the summer and leave in the winter as many MLS clubs have done those types of transfers before.

The other five players mentioned that could be sold were not mentioned by name, but Diego Palacios, Mohamed Traore, and Brian Rodríguez are just three players that the club could get a high transfer for, although Rodríguez cost the club a lot of money initially finding suitors for the Uruguayan winger has been hard to come by.