Some players age like a fine wine, and that seems to be the case of Sergio Ramos, the 35-year-old Spanish defender is reportedly being linked with a shock move to Manchester City. Ramos has recently turned down Real Madrid’s contract extensions and it looks like the Premier League champions are ready to pounce.

Sergio Ramos will be a free agent in the summer after turning down a 10% pay cut and a two-year extension from the Spanish giants. At one moment, Ramos considered the offer but informed Florentino Perez, Real Madrid’s president, that the offer was not enough.

Now according to ESPN, Ramos has an offer from Manchester City, one that would include a two-year stay and an extension that could be used to play for City’s sister club NYCFC in MLS. Here are the details of the contract for Sergio Ramos at Manchester City.

Sergio Ramos contract offer from Manchester City

Sergio Ramos (R) of Real Madrid CF wins the header after Duvan Zapata (L) of Atalanta BC (Getty)

The deal to bring Sergio Ramos to Etihad Stadium would consist of two-years, it is said that City manager Pep Guardiola is very high on Ramos leadership skills and experience. The two-year contract would mean Ramos would be 37 when the deal expires.

In January it was reported that City was looking to sign Sergio Ramos, but the deal never materialized. According to sources, Ramos data analytics measures are that of a much younger player, and that is the main reason City feel they can offer the four-time Champions League winner a two-year contract.

It is reported that Ramos is aware that Manchester City is interested in his services but would like to have one last ditch effort with Perez to see if he can stay with Real Madrid, a team he has won 22 titles for.

MLS component of Sergio Ramos Manchester City deal

NYCFC Supporters (Getty)

As an extra incentive, if Ramos would perform at Manchester City, his deal with the City Group, would trigger an option year, where the Spanish international could go to Major League Soccer and play for New York City FC.

At the moment, NYCFC have all three DP slots taken, but given MLS tight roster restrictions, Ramos could come in at a lower wage and have his contract bought down with TAM or GAM funds. Nonetheless, NYCFC has benefited before from City Group’s worldwide presence, Valentín Castellanos came to New York by way of City’s sister club Montevideo City of Uruguay.