Cruz Azul is one of the top clubs in all of Liga MX, founded in 1927, La Máquina has fielded some of the best in Mexican soccer, ranging from Carlos Hermosillo, César Delgado, Patricio Hernández, and Armando Romero. The club has won eight Liga MX titles to go along with 4 Copa Mexicos', 1 SuperCopa MX, and 4 CONCACAF international titles.

As more and more Mexican teams become selling teams, Cruz Azul has many players in their squad that would be wanted commodities in the transfer market. A few of their players have returned from loan spells but the team still has a competitive squad.

The following list is a ranking of the highest valued players on the Cruz Azul squad according to Transfermrkt. Cruz Azul will enter the new Liga MX season looking to end a long title drought that dates back to 1997. Here are the top 15 most valuable players on Cruz Azul!

15. Pablo Ceppelini - $1.4 million

Pablo Ceppelini (ESPN)

Pablo Ceppelini is an Uruguayan midfielder who has played all over South America before landing in Cruz Azul in 2020. He played 5 games and could be on his way out. Ceppelini has played in Italy, Uruguay, Colombia, and Romania.

14. Pablo Aguilar - $1.7 million

Pablo Aguilar (Getty)

Pablo Aguilar has been with Cruz Azul since 2018, playing in over 70 games for the club. At 33 his market value is under $2 million and Aguilar is still a Paraguayan international, with 28 caps and 4 goals for country. Pablo Aguilar if sold could be a solid pick up.

13. Adrián Aldrete - $1.7 million

Adrián Aldrete (Getty)

Adrián Aldrete has been a steady Cruz Azul player, the defender has played in over 100 games for the Maquina. At 32 Aldrete is a leader in the locker room and has some international experience as he has been capped 20 times by El Tri.

12. Julio Domínguez - $1.7 million

Julio Domínguez (Getty)

Julio Domínguez is a Cruz Azul lifer, he has played his whole career for the team since 2006. Julio Domínguez has played over 450 games for the club and at 33 it looks like he is going nowhere. Domínguez’s is valued at $1.7 million.

11. Elías Hernández - $2.2 million

Elías Hernández (Getty)

Elías Hernández is another 32-year-old veterean player that signed with the club in 2018, and has scored 14 goals in over 60 games. A versatile winger, Hernández has 24 caps for the Mexican National team.

10. Milton Caraglio - $2.2 million

Milton Caraglio (Getty)

The Argentine striker, Milton Caraglio, had a journeyman's career when he arrived at Cruz Azul in 2018. Since then, he has found the back of the net 22 times in over 60 outings, he is the team's number 9 and Caraglio is a strong contributor. His market value is at $2.2 million.

9. Sebastián Jurado - $2.4 million

Sebastián Jurado (

The young goalkeeper, Sebastián Jurado is valued at $2.4 million. He joined Cruz Azul in 2020 and looks to claim the starting job from Jesus Corona who is a Cruz Azul legend.

8. Rafael Baca - $2.4 million

Rafael Baca (Getty)

The former San Jose Earthquakes midfielder, Rafael Baca has been with the team since 2014 and has played in over 150 games for the club. A utility man he can always be counted on when the team needs a spark. Baca is valued at $2.4 million.

7. Santiago Giménez - $3 million

Santiago Giménez (Getty)

Young Argentine forward Santiago Giménez has been with Cruz Azul since 2017 and has scored 6 goals in 30 games. At 19, he is one of the team's best future prospects. Santiago Giménez has represented the Mexican youth national teams despite officially being  listed as Argentine, he most likely will do his one-time switch.

6. Yoshimar Yotún - $3.4 million

Yoshimar Yotún (Getty)

Elegant and crafty, the Peruvian midfielder, Yoshimar Yotún, has been solid for Cruz Azul since he was sold from MLS side Orlando City. Yotún has a good pedigree having played in MLS, Brazil, and Sweden. He is valued at $3.4 million and has a deadly free kick.

5. Juan Escobar - $4.9 million

Juan Escobar (Getty)

The tough Paraguayan defender Juan Escobar has been with the club since 2019, and he has played 42 games and scored 4 goals. Escobar has won 2 titles with Cruz Azul and represents the Paraguayan national team for which he has been capped 6 times.

4. Luis Romo - $7.3 million

Luis Romo (Getty)

Luis Romo has hit the ground running at Cruz Azul, at 25 he has a high value of $7.3 million and if he continues his run of good form he could go for much higher. Romo has been capped 5 times by Mexico and was one of Liga MX best players in 2020.

3. Orbelín Pineda - $8.5 million

Orbelín Pineda (Getty)

Orbelín Pineda is another top prospect in Mexico after stints in Chivas and Querétaro, he is valued at $8.5 million. The 24-year-old midfielder has been with Cruz Azul since 2019 where he has scored 7 goals in over 60 games. Pineda has won 2 titles at Cruz Azul and 1 with Mexico.

2. Roberto Alvarado - $9.1 million

Roberto Alvarado (Getty)

Roberto Alvarado has been with the club since 2018 and has scored 9 goals in 84 games. The attacking forward/ winger is a threat on the attack and his good form has earned Alvarado 20 caps for Mexico which he scored 3 times. Alvarado has a market value of over $9 million.

1. Jonathan Rodríguez - $9.2 million

Jonathan Rodríguez (Getty)

The highest valued player at Cruz Azul is Uruguayan forward Jonathan Rodríguez. Rodríguez has scored 30 times in 62 outings for Cruz Azul, a squad player on the Uruguayan national team, at 27 he could still make that return to European soccer if Cruz Azul decides to sell him.