Liga MX is one of the biggest competitions in America, but also one of the most controversial. A few years ago, the tournament suspended promotion and relegation, a step that not everybody was thrilled with, but the managers' decision was taken and there was no way back. Here is all the information about when will it be enabled again and the requirements for the teams to take a spot above.

There are multiple doubts about the decision to erradicate promotion and relegation from Liga MX. The clubs from Liga Expansion MX (called Ascenso MX before), are not capable of playing in the top category and this is a big problem for their fans as there is no sports award for winning the tournament.

As for Liga MX, the teams are comfortable with this decision. Relegation could end with any institution as most of the clubs enter to a financial crisis due to many problems. Nowadays, the 18 participants have reached certain economic stability to sign new players and compete in order to avoid a fine.

Are promotion and relegation enabled in Liga MX?

Fortunately for clubs from Liga Expansion, the managers enabled again the promotion to Liga MX for the 2022-23 season. Initially, it was established until 2025, but they took the decision to move it forward.

Why were promotion and relegation suspended in Liga MX?

According to the managers, relegation was removed in order to avoid teams from entering a financial crisis due to the loss of sponsorships and television rights, which obviously are better in Liga MX than in Liga Expansion MX.

They took the model from Major League Soccer, which do not have a promotion-relegation system. The MLS has received new teams, but no one has disappeared as the clubs have economic stability to succeed and pay everything they need to.

Which are the requirements for the teams from Liga Expansion MX to aspire promotion?

There are six points that teams from Liga Expansion MX must follow in order to get a promotion. As today, Atlante, Leones Negros, Atletico Morelia, Correcaminos, Dorados, Venados and Mineros are the only clubs that can aspire to ascend.

  1. Membership file: According to FMF's criteria and the affiliation rulebook.
  2. Infrastructure criteria: The team's stadium must have the basic conditions for Liga MX: pitch, lightning, locker rooms, balconies, bathrooms, health and security services, and press area. They must also have training fields and Club House.

  3. Economic control criteria: Financial status will be evaluated and the managers must not have debts.

  4. Institution's structure: The club must have an institutional model in order to have a better distribution of everyone's functions.

  5. Guidelines for the application of the Improvement Fund: Check if the teams have not destinated over 50% to sports payroll and that the rest was used for the club's operating expenses.

  6. External consultant's opinion: An external consultant will be designated by Liga MX to make an opinion on the club's financial history and the business plan that the team delivers every 3 years.