Casemiro will not be available to play Argentina in Matchday 14 of the 2022 South American FIFA World Cup Qualifiers. Casemiro last played with Brazil during the game against Colombia, the Brazilians won the game 1-0. But, this time Casemiro will not be available due to accumulation of yellow cards.

The first yellow card for Casemiro, before the suspension, was against Peru during a 2-0 victory for the matchday 10 on September 9. And the second time he was booked with a yellow card was in the game against Colombia 1-0 during the matchday 13 on November 11 .

Casemiro will not play for Brazil until the next matchday 15 of the 2022 South American FIFA World Cup Qualifiers. That game will be on the road against Ecuador on January 27 of 2022. But Brazil already have a guaranteed spot for Qatar 2022, they just have to play to score a couple more goals and enjoy the rest of the qualifiers games.

Who will replace Casemiro to defend the midfield against Argentina on November 16?

Tite, Brazil's head coach, decided that Edenílson fill Casemiro's position for the game against Argentina on Matchday 14. Edenílson is a 31-year-old player with experience in Italy, he played in Genoa and Udinese between 2014 and 2017. Currently, Edenílson plays for Inter at Bazil as a defensive and offensive midfielder.

Brazil has played well with or without Casemiro, but Casemiro's absence is always difficult to assimilate in the squad. During the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, Casemiro was absent for a couple of games but Brazil did not lose a game without him.