EA Sports developed the most popular soccer videogame on the planet. Though FIFA 23 will be the last edition of the franchise, the developer will continue with its own saga called EA Sports FC.

However, they’ll probably want to keep in mind a few things to improve in the future. While most of the soccer community loves to play this videogame, including professional players themselves, not everyone is entirely satisfied with it.

As a matter of fact, many players sometimes complain about their rating or graphics. Argentine world champion Enzo Fernandez, for instance, didn’t like the way he was portrayed in the cover of the upcoming EA Sports FC.

Enzo Fernandez not happy with his image in the EA Sports FC cover

On the PlayStation I play with Chelsea and I am in the team, but I’m a little angry anyway, because they put me on the cover and I don’t look like myself,” Fernandez told ESPN Argentina, via @AlbicelesteTalk on Twitter.

To be fair, it may be too soon to judge the videogame’s graphics since we’ve only seen a teaser so far. However, it’s safe to say the new EA Sports game will have a lot to prove as it will replace a decades-long franchise that soccer fans loved.