March Madness 2023 started with top programs as big favorites and some small schools hoping to go as deep as possible in the bracket.

Apart from the big college tournament, the other big basketball tournament during the year is the NBA Finals and both events have obvious differences that most fans already know but some details go unnoticed.

For the March Madness 2023 edition, new rules were implemented as part of what the league, NCAA, wants to make college basketball safer for players and more attractive to viewers.

How tall is the basketball regulation hoop in the 2023 March Madness tournament?

The March Madness hoops are 10 feet tall (3 meters), that's the same height as the NBA hoops, no difference in any of the NCAA DI Men's College Basketball conferences, they all use the same height for the hoops.

Women play their college tournament with the same measurement for their hoops, 10 feet tall, just like the WNBA and Men's March Madness tournament. There are no differences.

Players on a college basketball team that win a big tournament or conference championship have a tradition of using a ladder to cut down the nets, the same happens in the NBA.