Andrew Wiggins got vaccinated against Covid-19 and will be available to play all the home games with the Golden State Warriors, coach Steve Karr announced on Sunday. The news came after Wiggins said that he wouldn’t get the shot and requested a “religious exemption” to the NBA, which was denied. 

During the media day, on Tuesday, Sept. 28, Wiggins talked to the press about this vaccination status and told reporters that it wasn’t “none of your business." He also said that the possibility of losing half of his salary, around 15$ million, was his “problem."

However, it seems like Wiggins changed his mind and decided to get the shot. While the NBA doesn’t require players to get vaccinated, the city of San Francisco requires that anybody who will take part in a large indoor event (like basketball games) must be vaccinated. 

Wiggins got the Covid-19 vaccine: Funniest memes and reactions 

Wiggins first anti-vaxx stance was controversial, however, coach Steve Karr said that the team believes in the vaccine and that he was hopeful that Wiggins was going to be available to play all the games. His wishes came true. 

On the other hand, Wiggins hasn’t been the only NBA player who has shared similar views on the vaccine. Washington Wizards' Bradley Beal, and Denver Nuggets' Michael Porter Jr also have been vocal about their decision of not getting the shot. Fans, meanwhile, are making jokes about Wiggins' change of mind. Here, check out the funniest memes and reactions: