Which are the most common wishes people have when a new year is coming? Good health, money, and tons of love, maybe. Completely understandable. However, for boxing fans around the world, the wishes take fight's shape. Then, which are the best fights that could happen in 2022?

Instead of health, the Sweet Science community is eager to witness fights with brutal knockouts; instead of love, war and drama are what fans need. However, for those things to occur, just goodwill is not enough. A whole bunch of stars needs to be aligned to have those clashes turned into reality.

Who could be Canelo Alvarez's most difficult challenge? Is there someone capable of stopping Tyson Fury in Heavyweight? Can Terrence Crawford finally get the credit he deserves meeting an All-Star opponent? What may happen if Gervonta Davis shares the ring with another devil like him? These are the boxing fights that would take everybody's breath away.

The 5 best boxing fights to happen in 2022

Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr UsykThe Gipsy King needs a colossal challenge after destroying Deontay Wilder, considered his hardest challenge. The lights were over Anthony Joshua until a charismatic former unified World Cruiserweight Champion invaded the category, faced and smashed him: Oleksandr Usyk.

Commonly, the Heavyweights are rated for their power, however is unusual to add feet and hand speed, and slick defensive movements to the first attribute. Both Fury and Usyk are this kind of fighters and, besides, undefeated. For sure, the clash that could fly this division to the moon.

Jemall Charlo vs Gennady Golovkin. The young lion vs the old one. A battle that may not last long because of the dynamite of their main characters. A challenge both, Charlo and Golovkin need, to shake their careers and remind the boxing community and promoters about their greatness.

The Hit Man and GGG have one thing in common: they want to meet Canelo Alvarez in the ring. So, a war between them may be the key that could open Alvarez's lock. Another good reason to push them to crash each other. 

Gervonta Davis vs Vasyl Lomachenko. The Tank is eager to be in another war. Isaac Cruz, Mario Barrios, and Leo Santa Cruz were more than decent opponents, although none of them put Davis in serious trouble. For this to happen, it is needed power, speed, and boxing IQ altogether. Loma is the man.

Even though Teofimo Lopez took all his belts away in 2020, the Ukrainian boxer has not lost his skills and his hunger: it seemed that on that occasion, the defeat came more because of what Vasyl did not do than what the Takeover offered. Davis vs Lomachenko would be a strategic and epical chess battle.

Terrence Crawford vs Errol Spence. A boxing fans' wish that started as a whisper and has turned into a scream. The Welterweight division is a huge question with just one way to answer it: gather Crawford and Spence in a ring before it is too late. 

For years, Bud and the Truth have been natural rivals, but for a strange and painful reason, they have not agreed to fight each other. Instead, they have dedicated themselves to eliminating almost all the possible rivals that could prevent their clash to happen. Father time has no mercy and it would be a pity for boxing fans to lose the chance to enjoy this war on the peak of both fighters.

Canelo Alvarez vs Artur Beterbiev. The most difficult challenge for the Mexican superstar is not in the Cruiserweight, even it sounds crazy. One weight class down, there is a man that can make Canelo remember his most warlike days against Gennady Golovkin: WBC and IBF World Light heavyweight Artur Beterbiev. 

The Russian fighter has a stunning 17-0-0 pro record: all of his bouts have finished by the way of knockout. It is like an upgraded Golovkin tale that could be serious trouble for Alvarez's chin. Unfortunately, Artur's age does not help: if there is a year to enjoy both, Canelo and Beterbiev, on their maximum capability, is 2022.