LeBron James is on top of the mountain, he is without question on Mount Rushmore of the greatest athletes in American sports history. The 4-time NBA champion is also a 4-time NBA Finals MVP and 18-time All-Star among other accolades.

James has also won Olympic gold medals twice and has a bronze medal as well, he is part owner of two of the most powerful soccer teams in the world, Liverpool and AC Milan.

James has done it all and at only 37, the NBA superstar is estimated to be worth well over 1 billion dollars. Even superstars have heroes and in a quick question ping pong, James answered who his hero was growing up.

LeBron James favorite movie and hero

LeBron James admitted to being a huge fan of all tattoos which have his children on them, be it their faces or names on his body. James also stated his favorite movies are the legendary Godfather and Godfather Part 2.

When it came to favorite athlete of all time it was former MLB great Ken Griffey, Jr., most known for his stint with  the Seattle Mariners. Griffey while one of the best baseball players of his generation could not win an MLB World Series, he was however a 13- AL All-Star, an AL MVP, a 10-time Golden Glove winner and on MLB’s all-century team.