The Woods family legacy appears to be safe with Charlie, the son of Tiger Woods, arguably the greatest golfer of all time. Tiger and his son played in a recent tournament, confirming that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 

The Woods boys attended the PNC Championship, a golf tournament for Major winners and their families. Tiger took his son to Orlando and they put up a show, even though they didn’t win the tournament in the end. 

The thing is, that their mannerisms are practically the same and people were in awe of what they saw over the weekend, with the Woods confirming they can create a dynasty in the future. Charlie is only 11 right now and he’s showing a big character, a lot of talents and the same skills that made his father one of the greatest of all time. 

Tiger Woods' son Charlie has everybody in awe after showcasing same mannerisms as his father

The PGA shared a video of Tiger and his son Charlie and the similarities are too big to ignore. Everybody went crazy with the sequence they saw; Charlie is just like his father in every aspect when he’s on the course. 

While some fans weren’t that surprised with the video, others were really glad to see Charlie following his father’s footsteps, claiming that he has a bright future ahead as long as he keeps things on track. 


This is something unbelievable. Old footage from 20 years shows Woods’ movements and his kid did exactly the same this weekend. This is a very good story and one of the best videos you can find on social media. LeBron and Bronny James are the most famous father-son duo in the world of sports but Tiger and Charlie have made a big impact in recent days.