Thousands of athletes from all over the world participate in the Summer Olympics on a worldwide scale of sportsmanship and sport excellency every four years, testing and exceeding their boundaries, shattering records, and launching new ones.

The worldwide multi-sport event is definitely a breather for the globe, with more than 11,000 athletes and a total of 206 nations and nations participating in the 2020 Summer Olympics, to look at those who will be proclaimed winners and who will bring gold, silver, or bronze back home.

New coronavirus infections are on the rise in Tokyo, Japan as the opening ceremony on July 23 approaches. In Japan, there has been strong resistance to the Games, including requests for their postponement or cancellation. However, the Olympics will go on as planned, but let's inf out with they will have spectators.

Will the Tokyo Olympics have spectators?

A man wearing a face mask walks near the Olympic Rings in Odaiba in Tokyo. (Getty)

The Japanese Prime Minister, Yoshihide Suga, announced on July 8, that there will be no spectators at any Olympic event in Tokyo. The Japan PM has been on TV and has told the country that an emergency state with additional COVID-19 limitations would come into force on July 12. "There are many people who were looking forward to the Games. Those people who purchased tickets as well as the local community people.

"We are very sorry we are able to deliver only a limited version of the games but we want to have through operations to ensure safe and secure games so that the people world over will be able to find the Olympic and Paralympic ideals," Hashimoto said. As a result of the ongoing worldwide coronavirus pandemic, the Tokyo Olympics organizing committee had ruled out the option of allowing foreign spectators in the stands, so as not to develop more contagious variants.

Tournaments and leagues throughout the world, often with small capacities, have been steadily bringing back fans in recent months. More than 300 events spanning 33 sports will be held during the 2020 Games. The topic of whether the attendance of supporters may affect the performance of the best athletes participating is critical.