Deion Sanders and Colorado suffered their second loss of the season against USC and Caleb Williams. However, it was a very different version of the Buffaloes compared to last week’s beatdown at Oregon.

Though the Trojans dominated the first half and had a 34-7 lead at one point, Colorado stormed back with another spectacular performance by Shedeur Sanders and freshman wide receiver Omarion Miller.

There’s a lot to build on after a 48-41 final score. That’s why, in a video which immediately went viral, Deion Sanders gave a tremendous speech following an epic showdown at Folsom Field in Boulder.

Deion Sanders’ epic speech to his players after loss to USC

Deion Sanders had great words for his players in the locker room after a tremendous performance in that second half against USC. Coach Prime recognized it was an amazing display of courage.

“You have nothing, nothing, nothing, not one thing to hang your head down on. You guys fought. You’re resilient. You didn’t give up. You could’ve quit. You could’ve tapped out. I’m so damn proud of y’all, man. Now you understand what we are.”

Furthermore, Sanders emphasized those final 30 minutes could be a key factor for the rest of the season. These are the remaining rivals on the schedule: Arizona State, Stanford, UCLA, Oregon State, Arizona, Washington State and Utah.

“You understand what we could have done if we played the first half like we played the second. You understand what could have happened. I know we have something special here.”