Deion Sanders and Colorado traveled to Oregon with high expectations after a surprising 3-0 start. Those wins against TCU, Nebraska and Colorado State put them on the national spotlight before facing the Ducks.

However, Bo Nix was sensational and led Oregon to a resounding 42-6 win over Shedeur Sanders and the Buffaloes. As a consequence, Coach Prime became the target for all the critics.

Furthermore, Dan Lanning, the head coach of the Ducks, sparked a big controversy with a pregame speech which shocked college football and immediately went viral. The former star of the 49ers and Cowboys had to respond.

Deion Sanders sends a very special answer to Dan Lanning after controversial speech

Before the game against Colorado, head coach Dan Lanning delivered a very controversial speech to motivate his players in the locker room. It was a clear shot at Deion Sanders and his relationship with the national media.

“The Cinderella story is over man. Right? They’re fighting for clicks, we’re fighting for wins. There’s a difference. This game ain’t gonna be played in Hollywood. It’s gonna be played on the grass.”

After the loss, in a long-awaited press conference, Sanders had a clear message for Lanning as he had already heard what happened. Coach Prime was confident that his players will bounce back.

“I don’t say stuff just to say it for clicks. On contraty to what somebody say. Yeah, I keep receipts. One thing that I can say honestly and candidly. You better get me right now. This is the worst we gonna be. I’ve got messengers. He is a great coach. He’s done a great job. God bless him. They take their shots. They won. I don’t shoot. I don’t do that. They won.”

Furthermore, Deion Sanders believes there are many coaches and players who aren’t happy with the way things are working out for Colorado. As the attention has shifted to a program which was forgotten, he is ready for those attacks.

“I don’t think there’s a target on our back. I just think teams are trying to beat me. They’re not trying to beat our team. They keep forgetting I’m not playing anymore. I had a great career. But that’s what it really is. I do’t think they get any extra satisfaction. It is what it is and I signed up for it. So, let’s go.”