Jake Paul is the master of controversy. One more time, the Problem Child has made a polemical statement after pointing out that his brother, also Youtuber Logan Paul has not been paid by Floyd Mayweather Jr. after the exhibition boxing fight they had in 2021. The boxer's debt is allegedly a millionaire one. 

Logan Paul and the Pretty Boy fought on June 6 2021 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. After 8 rounds of action, none of them achieved the knockout, previously agreed as the only way to find a winner. So the official result of the exhibition bout was "no winner"

The one held in 2021 was the first and the last professional fight Logan Paul has had so far. On the other hand, after retiring from boxing, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has starred in two exhibition clashes: the first against Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa and the one with Paul.

Mayweather Jr's alleged millionaire debt to Logan Paul

Jake Paul has shared to the media that his brother Logan is still waiting for Mayweather Jr's payment for the exhibition fight that they have held in 2021: "He has really not been paid. A lawsuit has been filed one or two weeks ago and Mayweather Jr. is being legally pressured to honor the deal. It is embarrassing that Floyd has not enough money to pay Logan".

Furthermore, Logan Paul's friend, comedian Andrew Schulz revealed the approximate amount the Pretty Boy owes to Jake's brother in an episode of The Flagrant 2 podcast: "I asked Logan if Mayweather Jr had not really paid to him, and he told me that it was true and he was going to sue him... Floyd must owe him approximately between 5 to 10 million dollars".

This has not been the only recent bad news from Mayweather Jr as the Michigan native might have canceled the exhibition fight he was going to have in a luxury hotel helipad in Dubai against Emirati Youtuber Money Kicks