Floyd Mayweather is an attention magnet, even though he no longer fights, but anything he says resonates around the world. Mayweather hasn't fought since 2017 and a couple of days ago his upcoming exhibition fight against Don Moore was postponed.

The big question is that if Floyd Mayweather was fair with the four names that he named as the best boxers in history, number one is him, but what about the other four, could Floyd be considered an authority to build a list like that.

Floyd's first fight was in 1996, he won that fight in just two rounds, that same year he was going to fight Reggie Sanders and won his second fight. Compared to Muhammad Ali, Floyd won 50 bouts, while Ali won 56 and lost another 5.

Who are 5 best boxers in history according to Floyd Mayweather Jr?

1. Himself: Yes, Floyd put himself as the best in history among the five on the list, as confirmed by Mayweather during his talk with Fat Joe (Podcast), it was a statement that raised criticism from all sides.

2. Pernell Whitaker: 46 fights, 40-6, he fought two of Floyd's uncles, Jeff and Roger Mayweather, but the last four fights of his career were losses. The last time Pernell won a fight was in 1997 against Diosbelys Hurtado.

3. Roberto Duran: 103 wins and 16 losses, born in Panama, Duran is recognized as one of the toughest boxers in history, his career spanned from 1968 to 2001, during 2002 he was selected as the fifth best boxer in history by The Ring magazine.

4. Larry Holmes: About this Boxer, Floyd said “...I have to go with Larry Holmes. He beat everyone in his time…” Holmes won 69 of 75 fights, 44 by KO and only 6 losses, he was born in Georgia but was highly popular in Easton, Pennsylvania. Holmes is one of the few boxers who defeated Muhamma Ali.

5. Aaron Pryor: This was the last boxer named in the list of the five best by Floyd, he died in 2016 but Pryor's record was almost perfect with 39 wins and one loss. The last three fights of his life were wins, two by KO and one by TKO.

Mike Tyson was not named, not even Muhammad Ali or George Foreman. Other big names in the boxing industry were omitted by Floyd.