For years, baseball has seen young prospects rise and take Major League Baseball for assault right away. It doesn't take long before they prove that they can make an immediate impact and become stars right out of the gate.

Season after season, some youngsters make the most of every single plate appearance they have, and all of a sudden, you start watching young kids all over the world rocking their jerseys.

This season won't be the exception to that rule, as there's no shortage of talent and young stars when it comes to MLB. That's why today, we're going to let you know about the top 5 players 25 or under ahead of the 2021 campaign.

The 5 Best MLB Players 25 Or Under

Honorable Mention: Ozzie Albies, Vladimir Guerrero Jr, Mike Soroka, Gleyber Torres, Rafael Devers.

5. Juan Soto

Juan Soto. (Getty)

Juan Soto continues to make strides in The Big Show. While not considered an elite defender, his outs above average prove that he's way better than most people think. Still, there's no doubt that his swing is his biggest trait.

Soto is already one of the most feared and respected sluggers in the league. He was barely old enough to drink when he led the Washington Nationals to the World Series title a couple of years ago.

4. Ronald Acuña Jr

Ronald Acuña Jr. (Getty)

While some may consider him disrespectful, Ronald Acuña Jr is one of the few players that's making baseball fun to watch again. He's fierce, relentless, and it seems like he's always on the verge of making the highlights.

It's hard to put into words just how good Acuña Jr can be. He's improved on every aspect of his game on a yearly basis and is one of the most athletic players out there. He'll be an MVP candidate for years to come.

3. Cody Bellinger

Cody Bellinger. (Getty)

How many players can brag about playing a huge role in a World Series championship? Well, Cody Bellinger definitely can. In fact, most people find it hard to believe that he's just 25 years old considering how good he's been for some years now.

Not only Bellinger is one of the best defenders in his position while also giving the Los Angeles Dodgers a lot of versatility due to his ability to play at the first base as well. He's also a power hitter and there aren't any kinds of flaws in his game.

2. Shane Bieber

Shane Bieber. (Getty)

Shane Bieber had already put the world on notice during his 2019 campaign but he definitely took it up a notch in the shortened season, taking home the American League Cy Young award.

The Cleveland Indians star has one of the best strikeout-to-walk ratios in the Majors and his four-pitch repertoire maked him just impossible to read for the average hitter. Also, he's shown his durability with multiple complete games and shutouts.

1. Fernando Tatis Jr

Fernando Tatis Jr. (Getty)

And, obviously, Fernando Tatis Jr has to be at the top of this list following his outstanding campaign in 2020. He's the most entertaining player to watch in all baseball right now and his upside seems unlimited.

Tatis Jr significantly improved his defense while being one of the best offensive players in the world as well. He was an MVP candidate for most of last year and it's only getting started, and that's why the San Diego Padres tied him up with a massive contract extension.