The Los Angeles Dodgers have made some strategic roster moves, designating left-hander Justin Bruihl and infielder Eddys Leonard for assignment. These bold decisions were aimed at creating space on the 40-man roster for newly acquired pitchers Lance Lynn and Joe Kelly, who officially join the team after a trade with the White Sox.

As the MLB trade deadline looms, the Dodgers have a week to explore their options with both players, either trading them or passing them through waivers. Justin Bruihl, 26, has been a familiar presence in the Dodgers’ bullpen since his addition to the roster in August 2021. While he has demonstrated reliability as a depth arm, his 3.65 ERA falls slightly above league average.

Eddys Leonard, 22, was added to the Dodgers’ roster in November 2021 to protect him from the Rule 5 draft. In the lower levels, Leonard displayed promising hitting skills. However, his performance has tapered off since then. This season has been more challenging for Leonard, struggling in Double-A.

Trade Deadline Looms with Limited Time

The Dodgers face a time-sensitive challenge as they explore options for Bruihl and Leonard. With the trade deadline days away, the pressure is on to make the most of the available opportunities. Left-handed relief pitchers, like Bruihl, are always in demand, and his remaining option years make him an appealing option for potential suitors.

Moreover, with just over a year of service time, Bruihl could serve as valuable bullpen depth for another club in the foreseeable future. On the other hand, Leonard’s struggles this season may give pause to some teams, but his status with one option year still remaining after this one, could attract interest in the long term.

As the Dodgers navigate the trade deadline waters, they must consider the strengths and weaknesses of both players. Bruihl’s ability to induce ground balls and his solid walk rate might be enticing for teams in need of reliable left-handed relief options. Meanwhile, Leonard’s past hitting prowess in the lower levels could intrigue organizations looking for young infield talent to develop.