The MLB 2021 began recently with the highly-expected Opening Day and much important news that show the league's intentions of trying to get back to normalcy. First of all, the regular season will be once again having 162 games, the playoffs would return to a ten-team format, and fans were allowed to go to watch their teams in person.

Most of the franchises opened the doors of their grounds for a restricted number of spectators, except for the Texas Rangers, who went further. They are the only MLB team set to allow a full capacity at the Global Life Field for the home opener against the Toronto Blue Jays.

As the Rangers will be the only team making such a controversial decision, many people disagreed, including the President of the United States, Joe Biden. Here, check out what he had to say.

Joe Biden doesn't encourage Rangers' decision

In an interview with ESPN, Biden expressed his thoughts about the fact that the franchise from Texas will be allowing fans to attend at full capacity against Toronto Blue Jays next Monday, April 5.

"Well, that's a decision they made and I think it's a mistake. They should listen to Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the scientists, and the experts; but I think it's not responsible", Biden said. 

The Rangers decided to allow full attendance after Texas governor, Gregg Abbott, ended with all restrictions related to the pandemic and by that allowed that sports events could host thousands of spectators. It is expected that the baseball franchise would only allow full attendance for this game, and after that they will probably reduce the allowed capacity.