The Houston Astros have a ‘new’ starting pitcher. The AL West team has agreed terms with the New York Mets to acquire Justin Verlander. Here are the details of this surprising trade.

Justin Verlander is recognized as one of the best pitchers the MLB has seen this century. He was selected with the 2nd overall pick in the 2004 Draft by the Detroit Tigers, traded to Houston in 2017, and signed by the Mets in December of 2022.

Unfortunately, his run with New York didn’t last too long. Eight months after signing with the Mets, Verlander has now been traded back to the Astros, and Houston fans are really excited with this move.

Justin Verlander trade: Details of the deal between the Astros and the Mets

Houston has bolstered its pitchers’ room with a two-time World Series champion, and it is someone they know pretty well. Justin Verlander has been traded from the Mets to the Astros, returning to Texas just eight months after leaving the AL West.

Verlander’s time with the Mets was definitely not the best. The starting pitcher played 16 games (6-5 record), amassing a 3.15 ERA (131 ERA+) and a 2.61 strikeout-to-walk ratio over those matches.

The Mets are currently undergoing a sell-off, and Verlander was an option for them to trade. The Astros decided to acquire him in exchange for two top outfield prospects: Drew Gilbert and Ryan Clifford.

The 40-year-old is poised to help the Astros towards the end of the 2023 MLB season. Houston is currently in second place in the AL West, just 0.5 games away from the Texas Rangers.