Among the top 100 MLB salaries is Ke’Bryan Hayes of the Pirates with the lowest salary at $8.75m per year, but his contract is valued at $70m, he signed in 2022 for 8 years and will be a free agent in 2031.

But the players who have the biggest contracts don’t necessarily have the biggest yearly salaries, one of them is Fernando Tatis Jr who signed in 2021 for 14 years and $340m but his salary is $24m per year.

Aaron Judge is one of those players who has a contract over $300m but the good news is that his contract is much shorter and he probably has some time to play a couple more seasons before retiring to raise some more money.

Who are the three MLB players with the biggest salaries in 2023?

Only three players are earning $40m or more during 2023, interestingly only one of them has a long contract, Aaron Judge with a 9-years contract, while the other two players Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander have short contracts that do not exceed 5 years combined.

1. Max Scherzer $43.33m (Mets)
2. Justin Verlander $43.33m (Mets)
3. Aaron Judge $40m (Yankees)

Only one other player comes close to the $40m a year and that is another Mets’ player, Jacob deGrom at $37m a year. Most of the biggest contracts in MLB are owned by pitchers but some exceptions like Mike Trout and Aaron Judge are making more money than some pitchers.