Fantasy baseball was taken to the next level by Sorare: MLB, the new online game in which users can collect and exchange NFT cards of Major League Baseball players. Let's take a look at how it works.

In this game, the real life performances of these players are tracked throughout the season to determine the score of each user. Sorare was already popular in world soccer, but now they released a special version for MLB fans.

Sorare: MLB Marketplace was launched on July 19, 2022, allowing all new users to bid for the different kinds of cards up for grabs, while also receiving free collectibles to get started. Here, we'll explain how the game works.

Sorare: MLB - Lineups

Managers have to create a team of seven cards to take part in competitions. Each lineup must include one Starting Pitcher, one Relief Pitcher, one Corner Infielder, one Middle Infielder, one Outfielder, one Extra Hitter, and one Flex (any player from any position).

Users will have to decide whether they want their players to score by hitting or pitching, as they cannot earn points for both. Besides, managers are allowed to use a player only once in the same lineup, regardless if they have two or more cards of him.

Sorare: MLB - Points

As we've mentioned before, actions from real life players on the park have an impact on the game, as their performances determine each users' score in the competitions. This is how players make Sorare: MLB managers earn points:


  • Run (R) - 3 points
  • Run Batted In (RBI) - 3 points
  • Single (1B) - 2 points 
  • Double (2B) - 5 points
  • Triple (3B) - 8 points
  • Home Run (HR) - 10 points 
  • Walk (BB) - 2 points 
  • Strikeout (K) - -1 points
  • Stolen Base (SB) - 5 points
  • Hit By Pitch (HBP) - 2 points


  • Inning Pitched (IP) - 3 points
  • Strikeout (K) - 2 points
  • Hit Allowed (H) - -0.5 points
  • Earned Run (ER) - -2 points
  • Walk (BB) - -1 points
  • Hit Batsmen (HBP) - -1 points
  • Win (W) - 5 points
  • Save (S) - 10 points
  • Hold (H) - 5 points

Sorare: MLB - Cards & Competitions

In Sorare, there are different types of cards: Limited, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique. Those are the NFT collectibles, meaning they are paying cards. However, users will also find the Common cards, which they'll receive for free upon registration to try the game.

There will be different competitions depending on what kinds of cards the manager has in the lineup. For July, the Common All Star competition will be the only tournament available so that all users have time to strengthen their lineups. In August, Sorare will launch new competitions to allow players to field teams in Limited, Rare, Super Rare, or Unique tournaments.

There will be two Game Weeks per week. The first one runs from Monday through Thursday, while the second from Friday through Sunday. Each Game Week starts 10 minutes before the first match, and it ends right after the final game is over.