The postseason has just started but there are already plans in place for the awards ceremony after the entire season is over. In total there are eight awards that are delivered in November, unless something special happens that delays the awards ceremony. In addition to the awards, some special dates such as the situation with the free agents and their offers with the teams is crucial for the player market in the MLB.

After the postseason is formally over and the World Series Champions is declared, the awards will be given. The first date of the awards is November 1, the BBWAA (Baseball Writers' Association of America) finalists for Cy Young, Rookie of the Year, MVP and Manager of the Year will be announced. That same day the list of winners will be delivered to different sport networks like ESPN.

From the first day of November until (approximately) the tenth day of the month, different awards will be given for the players in the MLB. Most of the awards will have their official ceremony on TV Channels or on the MLB Network.

2021 MVP and MLB awards: Dates for each award. 

After the official announcements and at the end of the World Series the players will be called one by one to participate in the awards ceremonies.

In addition to the BBWAA, the Rawlings Gold Glove Awards will be presented on November 2 for players in the National League and American League. Winners will be announced through ESPN.

Another couple of special dates for the awards are November 3 when the Wilson Defensive Players awards are awarded based on statistics beyond journalist voting. On November 4, the winners of the Louisville Silver Slugger Award are named.

On November 8, the winners of the Jackie Robinson Awards are named, one of the most special awards at the end of the season since the award is given to emerging talent, Rookies of the Year receive the award in both leagues.

On November 9, the winners of the Manager of the Year for the American and National League are announced. The award is delivered live on the MLB Network, a day after on November 10, the official announcement of the Cy Young Awards is made.

November 11 is the big date to find out the Most Valuable Player of the American and National League on MLB Network. Four days later, on November 15, the last votes are given for the new players who will be immortalized in the Hall of Fame.