The New York Yankees are a mess right now. They just can't seem to get the job done, their offense is on a slump and even when they get going, their bullpen throws away the game. No lead is safe with the Pinstripers this MLB season as they proved it yesterday vs. the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Yankees were up 6-2 until the bottom of the sixth. Then, they were thrashed for 10 runs, including a Grand Slam, to lose 12-7 and drop their 4th straight game and seventh of their past 10.

Then again, regardless of how poorly you're faring, it's not that common to see a team get 10 runs in one inning. Even by the laws of averages, odds, you name it, chances are that a team will get three outs before that.

Adam Ottavino Insinuates The Blue Jays Could Be Stealing Signs

That's why Yankees' reliever Adam Ottavino - who was credited with the loss - hinted that the Blue Jays may have something on him. And while he was self-aware of his poor outing, he fueled a lot of controversies with his comments:

"It's just bizarre. I mean, myself and Greene didn't get any swings-and-misses that whole inning --you know, we're both well above average swing-and-a-miss pitchers so we kind of rely a lot on that, not pitching for contact and strike guys out. So not getting swings-and-a-misses is an indication of either my stuff wasn't good -- my location wasn't good or that they had something on me, you know, they had a great approach or knew what was coming. Any of that. But I don't have any of those answers right now. All I know is that I didn't get it done and I gotta go back and look inside myself and figure out what to do next," Ottavino said.

Obviously, Ottavino doesn't have any proof to back down his statement and the truth is that the Yankees are far from a good team right now. But still, 10 runs in one inning will always raise an eyebrow or two.