You may have not heard about Miguel Yajure in the past but now he'll name will be written in the history of Major League Baseball until the end of time. He was solid in his debut but it had nothing to do with how well he pitched.

The New York Yankees called up the Venezuela native on August 20 but he didn't make his debut in The Show until August 31 when he tossed three hitless innings in the Yankees' 5-3 defeat vs. the Tampa Bay Rays.

Yeah, throwing three scoreless innings in your Major League Baseball debut is great but it has definitely been done multiple times in the past, so what was so special about Miguel Yajure's debut then?

Miguel Yajure Makes History By Wearing Number #89

Well, turns out that the right-handed pitcher became the first player to ever wear the #89 jersey. Not for the Yankees but for Major League Baseball as a whole. Now, every single digit from 0-99 has been worn at least once.

There were three remaining numbers this season. 86, 92, and 89. The first two were taken by relievers Jesús Cruz (86) and Génesis Cabrera (92), both during relieving duties for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Now, decades later, the league has officially gone full circle and Miguel Yajure can brag about having the ultimate honor of being the first player to ever wear a given number on his pinstriped jersey. 

Yankees Continue To Slide In The AL East

Even though Yajure did a hell of a job and proved Aaron Boone that he can be a steady contributor going forward, the Yankees must address plenty of issues if they don't want to continue losing ground to the Rays.

The Yankees dropped 7 straight games before finally beating the New York Mets and have now lost 7 out of 8 games vs. the Rays, who are now 4.5 games ahead of them and sit atop the AL East.

Not even Gerrit Cole could get the ship back on track when they faced off yesterday, as he was punished for 5 runs and was handed his second straight loss of the season. Hopefully, number 89 will be a lucky charm going forward for the Bronx Bombers.