Well, it seems like LaMelo Ball's journey in the NBA is set to start, as he was recently taken with the 3rd overall pick of the 2020 NBA Draft to join Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Hornets. But obviously, everything that comes with the Ball name on it is also heavily tied to controversies.

LaMelo's father LaVar Ball has made a living out of firing bold takes left and right, getting into everybody's face, making up stories, and just spitting whatever the hell goes through his mind on social media and television.

That's why his sons decided to cut business ties with him and LaMelo bailed on his failed 'Big Baller Brand' to sign a huge endorsement deal with Puma ahead of his first season in the Association.

LaVar Ball Makes Fun Of LaMelo Ball's Deal With Puma

Needless to say, LaVar didn't hesitate to call LaMelo out on an interview just hours before the Draft, claiming that his son made a mistake by signing 'just an apparel deal', as BBB would also feature tires, rims, and car gear:

“I’d love my son to make a mistake and make millions off of it," LaVar said. “We have some rims and tires coming out. That’s just an apparel deal,” he continued. “That ain’t nothing but some clothes. Sneakers come in pairs, you get two’s. I’m about to add some rim and tires, they come in four’s. You keep stepping, I’m going to keep rolling, and let’s see who gets to the billions first," the Ball patriarch added.

LaVar also mocked LaMelo's biggest perk from his deal with Puma, claiming that he's not going to be a billionaire unless he joins Big Baller Brand again and that he just doesn't need a private jet right now:

“What do you mean with a private jet? What is he going to tell his basketball team? ‘I’ll meet you all there?’ The only way they can be billionaires is with Big Baller Brand. Why? Because we own something" LaVar Ball concluded.

Well, LaVar brought this upon himself. He set his sons up with a flawed shoe company that put his son's Lonzo's career in jeopardy due to multiple ankle injuries. He built the company with a guy that was later sued for embezzlement, and he put a target on everybody's back with his big mouth. Props to LaMelo for choosing his own path.