Steve Kerr has been surrounded by greatness throughout his entire tenure in the National Basketball Association. From Michael Jordan to David Robinson, all the way to Stephen Curry. He's been privileged and fortunate.

That's why it may not be easy for him to choose between his former teammates, or even between the guys he's had to coach. He's been surrounded by generational talents, and they don't even play the same positions.

However, it seems like the renowned sharpshooter and head coach has a bit of a weakness for one player in particular. That's why he seemingly chose former Dub Kevin Durant over Stephen Curry.

NBA News: Steve Kerr Chooses Kevin Durant Over Stephen Curry

(via Sports Illustrated)

"Kerr once forgot to mention Curry when speaking at a championship parade. No big deal. During the Durant years, a radio host asked Kerr whether Durant or Curry was the better player, and he chose Durant. More interesting than Kerr’s opinion was that he shared it publicly: 'I knew saying that, that Steph wouldn’t mind. Part of his power is his humility, his awareness of the team dynamics and who needs to hear what.'

But about that answer, Steve ...

'KD, to me, remains even now the most talented player in the league,' Kerr says. 'His frame, his size—6'11''—his ability to protect the rim defensively and then get any shot he wants offensively.'

'But Steph was more impactful to our team because of the pace and because of the frenetic flow of his game, and how everybody chased him everywhere and how much it opened up. We’ve always struggled without Steph, where we’ve been able to win a lot of games without other key guys, including Kevin. So to me, it’s two different questions.'"

Of course, you couldn't go wrong with either choice right here. Still, the fact that he chose KD over the guy who helped him win four rings and later became the greatest player in franchise history could be head-scratching to some.