LeBron James was taken with the first-overall pick in the 2003 NBA Draft. He's been either the best or one of the five best players in the league ever since that moment, which is pretty much unprecedented.

James is considered to be the most complete basketball player of all time, at least offensively. But as great as he is, even he has a few glaring holes in his game, and that's never been much of a secret.

However, regardless of how meticulously other teams evaluated his game in their scouting reports, it wasn't until this very season that they finally started working, according to former NBA champion Stephen Jackson.

Stephen Jackson Thinks Scouting Reports Are Finally Working Against LeBron James

"I think he at the age now where you know we used to put scouting reports in for Bron when we was playing," Jackson said, per Showtime Basketball. "That s**t, he was just good enough and that strong and energetic where it didn't work. I think now he's at the age where he slowed down, so the scouting reports are starting to work on him."

"Sending him in certain ways and putting him in certain positions," Jackson explained. "He doesn't have the energy to do it the whole game; you know what I'm saying. He might can do it the first quarter or something like that but back when we was playing, he can do it and he can outthink the double teams and all this s**t and still be able to be effective but now I don't think he's at the age we can still have the energy to force himself to get through all that."

So, yeah, it only took them two decades, but those scouting reports could finally be put to good use. Still, there's just no way to stop this guy when he's driving to the rim, not even if he's 38 years old already.