Stephen Curry was often overlooked growing up. Despite being Dell Curry's older son and clearly inheriting his sweet shooting stroke, most scouts didn't think of him as star material. That's why he attended a small program in Davidson and slipped all the way to the seventh spot in the NBA Draft. Fast-forward to today, and all the teams that passed on him must be regretting that decision, as he turned out to be one of the most influential players in basketball history and the greatest shooter of all time.

Recently, Ray Allen snubbed him from that distinction, claiming that his mindset is different because he plays with the ball on his hand, and calling Reggie Miller the best shooter ever. The stats, however, say otherwise.

And, after the Golden State Warriors beat the Orlando Magic at home thanks to his 10 three-pointers, Curry proved once again that there's no one to come close to him when it comes to knocking down shots from beyond the arc.

Stephen Curry Has More Games With 10+ Three-Pointers Than The Next 5 Players Combined

With yet another offensive explosion, the two-time MVP reached his 17th career game with 10 or more three-pointers. That's more than the next five players on the list combined (Klay Thompson, JR Smith, James Harden, Damian Lillard, and Zach LaVine), according to ESPN Stats & Info.

Despite all the things he's accomplished throughout his career, some people still had the never to question his legacy amid the Warriors' slow start of the season. Now, Curry is leading the league both in three-pointers made and total points.

The Warriors still need to step up and the role players must help Steph if they want to have a shot at another championship but this is exactly why you should never count out a superstar like Stephen Curry.