Throughout the years, Wilt Chamberlain became a bit of a legend around the NBA. Despite having countless unbreakable records, there were many stories about his life outside of the hardwood that were hard to believe.

For starters, Chamberlain claimed to have slept with over 20,000 women. He was known for being a bit of a Casanova back in the day, but those numbers simply didn't add up back then, and neither do now.

Whatever is the case, people are once again discussing the former NBA champion's private life once again. This time, for all the wrong reasons, as he was recently accused of assault by Cassandra Peterson, the actress who starred in "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark."

"Elvira" Actress Accuses Wilt Chamberlain Of Assault, Shares Creepy Details

(Transcript via People)

“Why didn’t I try to scream, fight back, or get away? When a seven- foot-one, 300-pound man has his hand wrapped around your neck, there’s really not a lot you can do,” she writes in the book. “Should I have reported him to the police? Are you kidding? What chance do you think a former showgirl/out-of-work actress would have against a sports superstar?”

“I just kept it quiet and didn’t say anything for my whole life,” she tells PEOPLE of the incident with Chamberlain. “And the sad thing was he was a friend. He was a friend for so many years who had made it even feel worse and creepier and like I was an idiot.”

“I mean, I almost had myself convinced that I was a very bad person for letting that happen. And then when the whole Me Too movement, I started thinking, ‘Wait a minute. I didn’t do anything wrong. You did something wrong. You did something very wrong,'” Peterson adds. 

The Me Too movement has encouraged countless women to tell their stories and hold their abusers accountable. Regardless of his many accolades as an athlete, we will never see Wilt Chamberlain with the same eyes again.