The Los Angeles Lakers entered the season with high hopes and expectations but things clearly didn't pan out the way they expected, as they were sent home in the first round of the playoffs after 6 games vs. the Phoenix Suns.

The reignign champions had to endure multiple hurdles throughout the season, mainly health-related, as their two best players missed over a third of the year due to multiple ailments and nagging injuries.

Anthony Davis was clearly limited by that through most of the season and he couldn't replicate the success he had in the shortened campaign. Now, he's just looking forward to getting back to full strength.

Anthony Davis Says He'll Look Back To The Series Vs. Suns

Davis assured that he and LeBron James will watch a lot of film of that series vs. the Phoenix Suns and hit the drawing board to try and see where they made the most damage and how they can still improve:

“We’ll go back, I know me and Bron will for sure and the coaches will too, go back and look at this series. This wasn’t a great offensive series for us and figure out action that’s more effective with me and Bron in it together or individually and then continue to grow looking at the season overall and where we were effective this season," Davis told the media.

Anthony Davis Says Lakers Need To Get Other Players Involved

He also said that the team needs to do a better job of getting other players like Dennis Schroder or Andre Drummond - should they come back - involved, so the offense isn't as stagnant or dependant on him and James:

“Just think about new actions that they can get involved in, watching other teams and some good action from other teams. And it’s also based on personnel, the team that we have. So we’ll think about it when we get closer to next season as far as schemes and plays and things like that for me and Bron," he added.

The Lakers have some soul-searching to do and need to make adjustments if they want to get back to the ultimate stage. Then again, you can never count out a team with a - healthy - LeBron James and Anthony Davis.