When we think about today's most unstoppable scorers around the NBA, many names can come to mind. From LeBron James to Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, James Harden; there are so many incredible talents nowadays.

The defense, on the other hand, seems like a lost art in today's basketball. The rules, referees, and even fans favor high-scoring matchups, so those good-old physical defenders have to learn how to shoot threes to stay relevant in the league.

Also, that's why the so-called two-way players are so valuable in the league, as there aren't many guys who could light you up for 25 points and then be an elite rim protector. One of the few that fits that description is Los Angeles Lakers' Anthony Davis.

Anthony Davis Says Kevin Durant Is The Toughest Player He's Ever Had To Guard

The big man recently conducted a Reddit A.M.A. session (ask me anything) to engage with some of his fans, addressing quite the sensitive subject: The toughest players he's ever had to defend:

"KD (Kevin Durant). 6’11, can do it all from anywhere on the floor. I’ve won some battles, he’s won some battles, but having to guard him is just tough," Davis replied.

via Reddit

Some fans were shocked about the fact that he didn't choose his friend and teammate LeBron James, but to be fair; Durant would've been many people's first choice. The guy is perhaps the most versatile and gifted pure scorer ever.

Durant is a shooting guard trapped in a center's body. He can put the ball on the floor, pull up from all three levels, and has one of the smoothest shooting forms you'll ever see. He's efficient, crafty, and bigger than most players.

Most people were already rooting for a Brooklyn Nets vs Los Angeles Lakers matchup in the NBA Finals this season. And now that we know how much Davis enjoys going to battle against Durant, we can only hope to watch them go at each other for seven games.