It's not unusual to see everybody inside and outside the NBA talk about the Los Angeles Lakers, especially after the offseason they had. They're perennial contenders and one of the most popular teams in the world.

This time, however, they're not getting as much praise as they thought. People have legit concerns about the team's ability to stay healthy throughout the season, given that they have one of the oldest rosters that comes to mind in recent times.

That's why newcomer Carmelo Anthony tried to silence the team's critics with a hilarious analogy, comparing him and LeBron James to an Italian grandmother who's mastered the art of cooking.

Carmelo Anthony Responds To The Haters, Compares LeBron James To An Italian Grandmother

(Transcript via Ebony)

“We knew that. We expected people to say those things; they have to. They have to start a debate, get engagement from people; that’s what it is. This is the only industry where you can be too old. After you reach a certain age, it’s like you’re supposed to lose everything. After 32 years old, it’s a wrap. Like, no. We’re getting older, we’re getting wiser. We know how to move differently, we know how to think differently. We know how to pick our spots and we know what we need to do when we need to do it and how we need to do it,”Anthony said.

It’s like .. you go to an Italian restaurant, you got the grandmother in there who’s 900 years old cooking the food. The food comes out amazing, though. You’re not gonna say she’s too old to be cooking. You’re gonna taste and enjoy that food. It’s the same situation with us. We’re the cooks in the kitchen. When you taste the food, you’re gonna love the food. That’s how I look at it.”

Well, that's definitely one way to put it. The difference is that the Italian grandmother won't likely need load management after cooking back-to-back lasagnas or sitting out a couple of days to be ready for Thanksgiving. But hey, we get the point.



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