The Boston Celtics look lost right now. Not only have they've been one of the biggest disappointments of the NBA season but also, it feels like the players just give up and can't seem to compete for a full game.

Ime Udoka's appointment did little to solve the Celtics' woes. They've been deemed a dysfunctional team for quite some time now and, albeit they've denied it, the results speak for themselves.

That's why some people believe that the time has come to separate Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum to put together a different roster. Brown, however, doesn't seem to agree with that take at all.

Jaylen Brown Says He's Always Been Good Next To Jayson Tatum

"I disagree. I think we can play together. We have played together well for the majority of our careers." Brown said, per Keith Smith of Sportrac. "The last year or so hasn't gone as expected, but the adversity will help us grow and get better."

Paul Pierce Thinks The Celtics Shouldn't Break Things Up

Celtics legend Paul Pierce is on the same page with Brown. When asked about the team's woes, he urged people to look at the big picture and be a little more patient with their young studs:

“They lost a veteran point guard in Kemba Walker, I think that was a huge loss,” Pierce said, per Sports Casting. “You’ve got to understand they dealt with COVID issues. They dealt with injuries. And also they have a new coach, a young coach. He’s never been a head coach in the league, implementing a new system, new players, new personalities, and trying to make it work.”

“I never believed that (it’s right to separate to star players),” Pierce added “I truly believe it’s about putting the right pieces around your great players. They’ve proven they can be All-Stars in this league. In order to win in this league, you have to have star talent around the perimeter. That’s what the Celtics have, and that’s something you need to build around.”

“My theory proves right because when you look at all the top players and all the Finals MVPs year in and year out, who are you looking at?” The Truth continued.“Top-tier perimeter guys like Kawhi Leonard, the Kobe Bryants, the Kevin Durants, the LeBron James’s, these are the guys that lead their teams to championships. You need those type of players. The Celtics have to find a way to build around those guys so they can reach that next level.”


Trading Brown could turn out to be a big mistake so Brad Stevens needs to sleep on that idea for a while. But what's clear is that the Celtics desperately need to make some moves if they want to turn the season around.