Conor McGregor is returning to the octagon this Saturday to fight Dustin Poirier for the second time in his career. The Irish fighter will make his return one year after his last fight in UFC and he’s set to beat his opponent for the second time. 

The superstar fighter has taken care of his body like never before and he’s credited NBA superstar LeBron James as his inspiration to treat his body the best possible way to have a long career, just like the King has done. 

McGregor is ready to make a statement against “The Diamond” this Saturday and he recently revealed how he’s approached his fitness after learning what LeBron has done with his body in the past couple of years. 

Conor McGregor says he started spending $1.5M on his body thanks to LeBron James 

During a recent interview with TSN, the first-ever simultaneous two-division UFC champion talked about James and how he learned that the player spends a lot of money on his body and he decided to do the same. First, he did it during his eight-week camps but now he’s doing it all year long. 

“Well, I certainly have, you know, the luxury of having an amazing team around me at all times, anywhere on the planet, I go, I can bring whoever I want, you know, my family, even a lot of fighters don’t have the luxury of bringing their family with them, I get to share all of these experiences with my son, I don’t have to be away from them, as well as multiple coaching head coaches and masters in their own right,” said McGregor.

“Then I read something about LeBron James, who was like he spent 1.5 million annually 1.5 million per annum on his physical health, and he has masseuses, and physical therapists and nutritionists, now, my Jesus Christ, but I will do that. But for an eight-week camp, I’m like, no more. Now it’s going to be all year round. And that’s basically what I’ve done.” he continued.

Conor has been under fire after he lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov in 2018 in a highly anticipated match. The Notorious returned to the cage last year against Donald Cerrone, beating the American fighter via TKO and now he’ll try to repeat the formula against Poirier, whom he beat seven years ago. 

He has taken inspiration from LeBron James and we all know what the King has done with his body, playing at the highest level in the NBA after 18 years, something remarkable for any top-level athlete around the world.