It’s not a secret that Deandre Ayton wasn’t happy with coach Monty Williams. The former first-overall pick of the NBA Draft barely cared and was far from helpful for the Phoenix Suns two years ago.

Ayton was close to signing with the Indiana Pacers, but the Suns decided to match their offer to keep him on board, preventing him from leaving and keeping him as a potential trade asset.

He was slightly better and more committed last season, but there are still some rumors about his determination to stay or not. Now, while playing for the Bahamas national team, he may have taken a shot at Kevin Durant and Devin Booker.

Deandre Ayton Praises Bahamas Teammates, Takes Shot At Suns Stars

“The best teammates I’ve ever been around, on and off the court,” Ayton said. “Just understanding how it feels to fight for your country and everybody on the same mission.”

“It was a phenomenal feeling. Seeing how much emotion was coming into this game and just having each other’s back and being together,” the big man continued.

Ayton knows what he’s doing right there, and this is not a coincidence by any means. So, after all, it seems like things aren’t all that good in the Valley of the Sun right now.