It’s almost impossible to keep a secret in the social media NBA era. Reporters and beat writers often get a scoop and rush to get it out there, as happened with Dwight Howard’s workout with the Golden State Warriors.

A report by Jason Dumas stated that Howard had already finished his workouts with the team, adding that things went well and that the team veterans had actually agreed to bring him in.

That’s why former Defensive Player of the Year Draymond Green took to Twitter to rip NBA media for leaking everything, all but confirming that Dumas’ report was right on point.

Draymond Green Hates Leaked Information

“One day, one day, everything won’t leak,” Green tweeted. “One day. Good for you btw Jason. But one day, EVERYTHING won’t leak. I have a dream.”

Of course, it must be frustrating to see that all these things get leaked, but at least, this was a positive leak, as opposed to what happened between him and Jordan Poole last season.

Howard will give the Warriors a different profile. He may not be the defensive superstar he used to be in his prime, but he can still give them some valuable minutes and rim protection off the bench.